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Honor Your Cycle | Payment Plan


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Align with your cyclical nature to experience optimal health, & support your body the way it was designed to be supported.

Honor Your Cycle is designed for you to balance your hormones and experience more energy, better moods, better sex drive, boosted fertility, PMS free, pain free & predictable periods all by using what's already within you!

Your menstrual cycle.

As menstruaters, we have 4 phases to our cycle:

  • Follicular

  • Ovulation 

  • Luteal

  • Menstruation

They’re called phases because your hormones fluctuate from week to week!

Since your hormones control & are connected to every part of your body, supporting each phase differently is what's required to truly thrive in our health.

Living out of alignment with your cycle is what leads menstruaters to PMS, migraines, painful periods, mood swings, fatigue, low fertility, low libido, & overall hormonal imbalances.

& we simply don't have time for that BS anymore!

In Honor Your Cycle you'll implement a cycle strategy that's based on your INNATE cyclical blueprint.
The blueprint we're designed to live by, but were never taught how to!!
 By aligning to your cycle, you'll finally be giving your body the support it's been craving so it can then give back to you.
 You'll understand & connect to your body on a deeper level. You'll understand & feel into your hormonal fluctuations & know exactly how to support those fluctuations so you can feel your best in each phase.

Throughout this course, we'll go through 2 full menstrual cycles together so you can get comfortable with your unique pattern and have me & my expertise support you in giving your mind + body what they need when they need it most.

So this cyclical way of living becomes like second nature. 

Because it IS your nature.

This program is about truly living with your cycle:

Supporting each beautiful shift with optimal nutrition, movement & lifestyle choices so you can get the most out of each phase physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

Honor Your Cycle is designed for you to get to know your unique pattern & understand your body on a deep level.

How you specifically feel in each phase + how you can leverage the expansion & contraction that comes each month. Knowing there is immense value in both.

This is where your cycle becomes a tool to amplify your health, feminine power, relationships, career/business & life rather than something that holds you back.

Living with your cycle brings you more ease, joy, connection, health, vitality & understanding.

In Honor Your Cycle you'll learn how to feel into it all & take natural action that optimizes your hormones, relationships, energy, feminine power & every area of your life.

Living with your cycle allows you to experience:

  • better moods
  • better sex drive
  • more stable energy
  • more personal growth + evolution
  • less PMS
  • more predictable periods
  • boosted fertility

& MOST importantly...

a greater sense of self + alignment in all that you do.

This program will teach you how to flow with your feminine energy & take masculine action when most appropriate so it can amplify your health & life.

Honor Your Cycle will lead you to immense peace, clarity, confidence, trust & optimal health on all fronts.

Allow yourself to receive the gift that is innately yours to experience.

Your menstrual cycle is calling you home. Are you willing to answer her?


1. 5-week course: Lifetime Access

Module 1: Your Cyclical Blueprint

  • This is where you'll learn about the true rhythm of your cycle & how your hormones fluctuate from week to week.
  • You'll learn about key hormones & how they function in your body.
  • We'll bust societal myths & create a new story about your menstrual cycle.
  • Key supplements for hormonal harmony.
  • Overview of the 4 phases + how to use your body to properly track them.

Module 2: Movement + Energy

  • How your energy levels naturally flow + how you can maximize on them to increase + stabilize your energy naturally.
  • Shifting your movement according to your cycle phase.
  • Customizable workout template.

Module 3: Nutrition + Metabolism

  • How your metabolism shifts throughout your cycle.
  • Supporting your changing metabolism & fluctuating hormones by shifting your nutrition according to each cycle phase so you can experience more ease in weight maintenance, energy, fertility + more.
  • Using food to support liver detoxification in specific phases to decrease PMS & support healthy estrogen levels. 
  • Phase-specific recipes.

Module 4: Brain Power + Productivity

  • How your brain changes throughout your cycle. (by up to 25%!)
  • How to hone in on the natural gifts you have in each cycle phase.
  • Structure your days, life, career + business based on where your brainpower is at so you can be more efficient + feel more aligned with ease.

Module 5: Sex Drive + Relationships (personal or with a partner)

  • Know exactly how your sex drive shifts & how you can maximize it based on your cycle phase. This allows you to feel more confident sexually, maximize orgasm + fertility & brings more acceptance to how your desire naturally changes.
  • Use your fluctuating hormones & changing brain to support your relationship by shifting the activities you do & conversations you have according to your cycle.

Module 6: Emotional Shifts of Each Phase

  • How your hormone levels naturally shift your emotions
  • What to expect. Knowing what's normal vs. an imbalance
  • Leaning into the shifts so you could reap the benefits of each phase
  • Validating how you'll naturally feel when your hormones fluctuate

2. Five Weekly Group Calls (spread out across 8 weeks time)

These calls are designed to foster community, have more access to me to answer your questions & guide you on this journey! These calls will be spread out across 8 weeks. (so that we spend two full cycles together!) 

I am so excited & honored to lead you down the cyclical journey that has truly transformed my life as I know it will transform yours too!

Pay In Full Option


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