Imagine you felt good in your body.

Imagine if you knew how to eat & live in a way that serves you, your hormones & your overall health.

Imagine if weight loss was easy & you were able to maintain a healthy weight. If you were joyful, energized and able to live the life you love because your body is finally working for you instead of against you.

That is exactly what I’m teaching you in this course.
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MIND Your Hormones 101

Setting the foundation of a hormone healthy, sustainable lifestyle for long term success so you could be the best version of yourself.


  • Imagine if you actually understood what was going on in your body.
  • If you were clear on how to truly support yourself so you could see the results you desire.
  • If you understood where your symptoms were coming from & could actually heal the root cause of your symptoms instead of putting a bandaid over them.
  • Imagine your body working for you instead of you constantly fighting against it.
  • Imagine being in a community of like minded women who understand your struggles, can empathize with you, support you & hold you accountable.
  • Imagine if you knew how to eat in a way that was supportive without feeling deprived.
  • Imagine If weight loss was easy.
  • If you were joyful, energized and able to fully show up to your life without being bogged down by pain, discomfort, confusion & self doubt.
  • This will be your reality when you learn how to allow your body to work for you instead of against you!

That is exactly what I’m teaching you in MIND Your Hormones 101.

I resigned from my 9 year teaching career to pursue my MISSION of teaching as many women as possible how their bodies work & how they could use NUTRITION, LIFESTYLE, SUPPLEMENTATION & MINDSET to get rid of their symptoms (of period pain, irregular periods, the inability to lose weight, bloating, constipation, facial hair, acne, migraines, fatigue & more) balance their HORMONES, improve their OVERALL HEALTH & as a RESULT, improve the QUALITY of their life.

It all started when I went to the doctor with non-existent periods, facial hair growth, migraines & IBS (what I now know is PCOS) and was told everything was "normal" & to just take birth control.

I left that office without any HELP, ANSWERS, or DIRECTION about WHY this was happening & HOW I can HEAL IT instead of slapping a bandaid solution like medication onto it.

After countless hours of research, years of trial & error & going back to school for Holistic Nutrition, I finally learned what was going on with my body, how to support it, feel the best I've ever felt & thrive using nutrition & lifestyle.

From that point on, I have made it my MISSION to share this education & transformation with as many women as possible so you can UNDERSTAND your body &  not feel pressured into MEDICATION or DEPRIVATION as a band-aid solution.

"Taking this course for me was driven by the need for ANYONE to understand my PCOS/hormonal imbalances was not just an "excuse". For anyone to listen to me with my gut issues, and not label me with "stress induced ibs". To be taught how to finally control my PCOS/endo symptoms and how to take back control of my body. I know how badly I want to be a mom - but regardless of what happens in my future - I know I'm making every healthy possible choice I can for me right now. I truly never thought I'd get this much out of it. I didn't think I'd heal more than just physically. This is an overall transformation - a beautiful mind, body, and soul reset. I'm so thankful that I'm learning how to nourish my body AND my mind - to be honest I thought I did enough healing on my mind but it seems I've taken the most of that in this group so far. More importantly, I'm thankful that some of my lowest moments have led me to this group of positive women supporting each other.

- Kaitlyn

So... Are you ready to CHANGE your QUALITY of LIFE by LEARNING what we didn't learn in school about our BODY, MIND & HORMONES?!

  • Start a new LIFESTYLE.

  • Feel COMFORTABLE & CONFIDENT in your skin.


  • Banish the BLOAT & CONSTIPATION (so you can wear your fave jeans any day of the month!)


  • Truly understand how your body & hormones work.

  • Have a community of like minded women who GET what you're going through & where you want to go.

  • Have sustainable ENERGY throughout the ENTIRE day.

  • Maintain a HEALTHY WEIGHT with ease.

  • Get RID OF FACIAL HAIR so you don't feel so self conscious about it

  • TRANSITION OFF birth control but are afraid of the negative side affects.

  • BOOST FERTILITY to prepare for a healthy pregnancy.

  • Feel like YOURSELF again.

NATURALLY without medication or deprivation!

Start Your Transformation Today

If any of this sounds familiar,
this course is for YOU!

This course helps you set the FOUNDATION of a hormone healthy LIFESTYLE.
It teaches you how our body works, what it needs, what it doesn't need & how to make it SUSTAINABLE.
You will learn SIMPLE STRATEGIES you can implement into your BUSY LIFE one step at a time.
Not only will changing your lifestyle improve your hormones & overall health, but it will improve ALL areas of your life: Your relationships, career & the generational future of your family.  
I believe every woman deserves to UNDERSTAND what's going on in her body and HOW to use the tools at her fingertips (like NUTRITION, MINDSET & LIFESTYLE) to TRANSFORM the QUALITY of her life & OVERALL HEALTH.

The roadmap & strategies you'll learn in this course will help you manage your symptoms of:

  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis
  • Bloating & Constipation
  • Acne
  • Weight Gain/Inability to Lose Weight.
  • Low sex drive
  • Facial Hair/Excess Body Hair
  • Migraines
  • Fatigue
  • Low Fertility
  • Painful, Heavy Periods
  • Transitioning Off Birth Control
Start Your Transformation Today

In this course, we heal the ROOT CAUSE rather than putting a BAND-AID on your symptoms with medication. Addressing & healing the ROOT CAUSE will support your hormones & OVERALL health for LONG TERM SUCCESS & LONG-LASTING RESULTS.

Healing is NOT LINEAR. Our hormones are INTRICATE, DELICATE & need CONTINUOUS support. LEARNING what SUPPORTS your hormones & what NEGATIVELY affects them allows you to KNOW HOW to find balance no matter how many times you find yourself in another imbalanced state.

Oh hey! I'm Corinne, a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist who went misdiagnosed WITHOUT PCOS for YEARS because my blood work was "normal" and according to my gyno, I only needed 3 periods a year...

I'm also a Podcaster (MIND your hormones) an aunt, a lover of travel, sunshine, reading, music, the beach, long walks & anything that involves dancing.

I'm a former Spanish & ENL teacher (which I did for 9 years) until I finally stepped into my purpose of being a full-time Holistic Nutritionist. 

After YEARS of trying to figure out my health & hormones, I now thrive with PCOS using mindset, nutrition, lifestyle, and supplementation.

It's because I went through that experience feeling completely lost, confused & frustrated, that I've now created a course that is YOUR ROAD MAP, your HORMONE EDUCATION class, and your SAFE SPACE to share your STRUGGLES, CHALLENGES, and WINS with other people who GET IT!

This is the course I WISH I had 8 years ago. This is the COMMUNITY I so desperately needed. THIS is my current MISSION in life: to TEACH, GUIDE & SUPPORT women who are STRUGGLING & OVERWHELMED but are COMMITTED TO NATURALLY HEALING THEIR HORMONES. 

See What Others Have Said About Mind Your Hormones 101

"I started my period! Two months in a row now! Haven't gotten it since August and before that it wasn't until last year! 😊"

"You're amazing. Legit I can't stress enough how much you've helped me and most importantly how much you've taught me"

- Gracy

"This group is honestly amazing. I've never met a more honest and supportive group of people and I've been in so many nutrition groups."

- Kamile

I'm a FULL believer in women SUPPORTING women & creating a COMMUNITY of LIKE-MINDED women who GET what you're going through so you can share your STRUGGLES, CHALLENGES & WINS TOGETHER.
I created THIS GROUP COURSE so you can find SUPPORT on your journey & not feel ALONE like I did.
I only accept a max of 25 people (once a teacher always a teacher!)  because I want to keep it a small & INTIMATE circle so I can pour into each of you INDIVIDUALLY & really get to know you and your story.
Start Your Transformation Today
Each week you'll get 3-4 PRE-RECORDED videos of that week's topic / lesson / strategy.
The videos are released ONE WEEK AT A TIME to reduce OVERWHELM & are set up in a SPECIFIC ORDER for MAXIMUM RESULTS. Each video is UNDER 15 MINUTES so it can fit into your busy life.
Weekly LIVE zoom calls.
During these calls, I teach & coach you on that week's topic, answer your questions, support you & create a supportive community to foster your success. 
All group calls are recorded if you can't make it live.
Access to a FACEBOOK GROUP where:
  • you build community
  • you share your wins, struggles, or challenges
  • you have a safe space to be vulnerable & ask for help
  • you create connections
  • you have more access to me
  • A supplement Protocol
  • Tons of hormone healthy recipes (all plant based)
  • Product Recommendations
  • Guest Expert Speakers
  • A Co-Coach that will provide healing support by teaching you breath work & meditation

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We start on April 12th!

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