H O N O R 

Y O U R 


H O N O R  Y O U R  C Y C L E

Did you know that we have different phases to our cycle? That it’s more than just our actual period?

If not, don’t worry it was a shock to me too!

Maybe you don’t know that we’re not meant to eat, move & live the same way from day to day.

“Wait so I shouldn’t eat a green smoothie every day?” Shocking right!?

These phases each have their own unique benefit & need that when ignored cause imbalances in our system leaving us feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, moody, defeated etc.

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Setting the foundation of a hormone healthy, sustainable lifestyle for long term success so you could be the best version of yourself.


  • Imagine if you actually understood what was going on in your body.
  • If you were clear on how to truly support yourself so you could see the results you desire.
  • If you understood where your symptoms were coming from & could actually heal the root cause of your symptoms instead of putting a bandaid over them.
  • Imagine your body working for you instead of you constantly fighting against it.
  • Imagine being in a community of like minded women who understand your struggles, can empathize with you, support you & hold you accountable.
  • Imagine if you knew how to eat in a way that was supportive without feeling deprived.
  • Imagine If weight loss was easy.
  • If you were joyful, energized and able to fully show up to your life without being bogged down by pain, discomfort, confusion & self doubt.
  • This will be your reality when you learn how to allow your body to work for you instead of against you!

That is exactly what I’m teaching you in MIND Your Hormones 101.

We’re taught to live like men & do the same workout every day, have the same smoothie every morning, always push harder, work harder & never take time for rest because that would make us weak. So we keep pushing but don’t see any results.

Sound familiar?

That’s because we’re not taking into account our internal 28 day clock aka our cycle phases.

Our hormones fluctuate week to week based on the phase we’re in. Follicular, Ovulatory, Luteal or Menstruation.

Our brain actually changes depending on the phase! Which is WILD!

We go by male dominated health research so it’s no wonder we’re struggling!

If we do the same thing everyday and continue doing things that work for MEN’S bodies, we’re going to continue experiencing problems.

We need to HONOR our cycle and ourselves by shifting what we do, what we eat & how we move throughout the month.

We’re taught that our cycle is a weakness & something to hide or be ashamed of instead of honoring it, celebrating it & using it to our advantage to support our lives!

By learning about the power you have within you, you’ll be able to be more productive, have more time for the things you love, have sustainable energy, show up better for your relationships & get the physical results you really desire & deserve!

In HONOR Your Cycle we will cut through all the BS information you’ve heard, tap into your intuition, step into your power & truly honor & respect your mind & body.

    • You want to improve your health
    • You want to decrease stress & truly LIVE your life without feeling bogged down
    • You want to increase your fertility, support your PCOS, endometriosis and/or PMS.
    • You feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all you want to accomplish
    • You want to be more creative
    • You want to be more consistent instead of feeling like you’re always on & off the wagon
    • You want to stop yo-yo dieting
    • You’ve tried all the various diets & workout programs but still haven’t seen results
    • You’re overwhelmed with all the conflicting health information out there
    • You want to bring more joy, fun & fulfillment into your like without feeling like you’re abandoning your to-do list
    • You want to increase your sex drive (oh hayyy)
    • You've been to countless doctors & tried so many different medications but didn’t get the result you wanted
    • You feel disconnected from your body
    • You want to step into your POWER as a woman & live the life you dream of.
Start Your Transformation Today

You’ll get the scientific understanding of how your hormones operate, change from week to week & how to support them through nutrition, lifestyle, productivity & mindset.

You will finally understand the shifts you experience & be able to identify what’s normal & what’s not normal.

You’ll feel more like yourself, more powerful & more aligned than ever before! AND your symptoms will begin to dissipate!

(your 5th vital sign and something that affects us every day!) and how to support it so you could:

  • Properly support your mind & body by working with your natural hormonal fluctuations instead of fighting against them
  • Feel energized after a workout rather than feel depleted
  • Use food as fuel & give your body what it needs at the right time
  • Get more ish done in less time
  • Have better sex
Start Your Transformation Today

After this 8 week course you will finally understand the changes you feel throughout the month. Which ones are NORMAL, which aren’t and how you can act accordingly to truly support yourself on a much deeper level.

Oh hey! I'm Corinne, a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist who went misdiagnosed WITHOUT PCOS for YEARS because my blood work was "normal" and according to my gyno, I only needed 3 periods a year...

I'm also a Podcaster (MIND your hormones) an aunt, a lover of travel, sunshine, reading, music, the beach, long walks & anything that involves dancing.

I'm a former Spanish & ENL teacher (which I did for 9 years) until I finally stepped into my purpose of being a full-time Holistic Nutritionist. 

After YEARS of trying to figure out my health & hormones, I now thrive with PCOS using mindset, nutrition, lifestyle, and supplementation.

It's because I went through that experience feeling completely lost, confused & frustrated, that I've now created a course that is YOUR ROAD MAP, your HORMONE EDUCATION class, and your SAFE SPACE to share your STRUGGLES, CHALLENGES, and WINS with other people who GET IT!

This is the course I WISH I had 8 years ago. This is the COMMUNITY I so desperately needed. THIS is my current MISSION in life: to TEACH, GUIDE & SUPPORT women who are STRUGGLING & OVERWHELMED but are COMMITTED TO NATURALLY HEALING THEIR HORMONES. 

I'm a FULL believer in women SUPPORTING women & creating a COMMUNITY of LIKE-MINDED women who GET what you're going through so you can share your STRUGGLES, CHALLENGES & WINS TOGETHER.
I created THIS GROUP COURSE so you can find SUPPORT on your journey & not feel ALONE like I did.
I only accept a max of 25 people (once a teacher always a teacher!)  because I want to keep it a small & INTIMATE circle so I can pour into each of you INDIVIDUALLY & really get to know you and your story.
Start Your Transformation Today
Each week you'll get 3-4 PRE-RECORDED videos of that week's topic / lesson / strategy.
The videos are released ONE WEEK AT A TIME to reduce OVERWHELM & are set up in a SPECIFIC ORDER for MAXIMUM RESULTS. Each video is UNDER 15 MINUTES so it can fit into your busy life.
Weekly LIVE zoom calls.
During these calls, I teach & coach you on that week's topic, answer your questions, support you & create a supportive community to foster your success. 
All group calls are recorded if you can't make it live.
Access to a FACEBOOK GROUP where:
  • you build community
  • you share your wins, struggles, or challenges
  • you have a safe space to be vulnerable & ask for help
  • you create connections
  • you have more access to me
  • Phase specific recipes
  • Product Recommendations
  • A customizable workout schedule
  • A supplement protocol
  • Journaling/meditation prompts for each phase
  • Guest Expert Speakers

AND if you’re 1 of the first 10 people to sign up you’ll also get a BONUS hour long 1 on 1 call with me!

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1 Payment Of


Start Today

The first 10 people who join get the ADDED BONUS of a 60 min 1:1 COACHING CALL WITH ME!!!

We start the week of April 19th!

Start Your Transformation Today
Start Your Transformation Today