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158. [INTERVIEW] V.I.B.E.S Method for Aligned Manifestation, Overcoming Chronic Pain, Grief & Anxiety with Efia Sulter

Apr 01, 2022

Today we chat about so many different topics! We get into manifestation: 5 tangible steps to start manifesting using our guest Efia's V.I.B.E.S method, meditation, managing & thriving with anxiety, moving through grief & going from chronic pain to finding relief with Efia Sulter! This is a super juicy episode I think you're going to love!

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Efia is a Mindset & Manifestation Coach, host of ‘The Manifest Edit Podcast’ and creator of the V.I.B.E.S method for aligned manifestation. Her mission is to empower and teach ambitious women how to stop playing small and access their innate magic so they can expand their current reality. 

She’s  extremely passionate about helping women create their own permission slips for the extraordinary lives they want to live and the gifts they deeply desire to share with the world. 

Serving as a practical example of her work after being orphaned at 14, grappling with mental illness and chronic pain to then moving overseas and building her soul-aligned life + business, Efia has inspired thousands around the world to create their lives by design.

Through her coaching Efia highlights the strategy, science, and spirituality behind manifestation in order to provide actionable advice from a grounded, no BS perspective.

Follow Efia’s journey and learn more about her work on Instagram @efiasulter_ and


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