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142. [INTERVIEW] All things Human Design, alignment & energetic frequencies with Liz Coyles

Apr 01, 2022

I've recently become OBSESSED with Human Design & it's been life changing. Human Design is your energetic blueprint & today I have my HD mentor, Liz Coyles, on to chat with us all about the different energy types & how you can use this information in your relationships, daily life & business.

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To connect more with Liz head to her Instagram @lizcoyles
Check out their Podcast Align By Design & their website

Liz Coyles is from London, Ontario, Canada where she also attended the University of Western Ontario. While studying Business Management and Organization she taught herself how to play the guitar and began writing music. In 2012 she entered a nation wide songwriting competition and won the grand prize, a record deal with Slaight Music. She spent the next five years recording and performing across the country and eventually made her way to Los Angeles. After some time there, she decided that she loved California but the music industry wasn’t for her. She then switched gears and became a Wardrobe Stylist, while also starting her own scented candle company. The company started by selling candles at small markets around Los Angeles County, and in time, sold to over 30 boutiques across LA and over 25 Urban Outfitters in New York City.

Liz began training in HD once she saw how truly impactful it was in Amy's life. Since beginning to live her own Design as a Generator, she has become inspired and committed to helping others live authentically in their life and unique design through 1-1 Coaching and readings.

She has always had a deep curiosity of life and passion to create and help others. For her, Human Design is a tool to take an introspective look at oneself, with an opportunity to create incredibly impactful changes that will enhance your life.


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