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138. [INTERVIEW] Money mindset, walking with fear, alignment & energetics with Jenn Kennedy

Apr 01, 2022

Today I brought on one of my mentors I had in 2021 who completely changed my life. Whether you're a business owner or not this convo is going to expand you. We get into money mindset, energetics, walking with fear, community & alignment!

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Jenn Kennedy is an elementary school teacher turned 7 figure CEO. She is here to shift the worldly dynamics for women and money. Her work as a business and money mentor is to help women live in their full powers, make an abundance of money and create the life of their dreams, all by helping people change their lives. Through various programs, experiences, and retreats, she guides women to activate & align into who they are meant to be and run business their own way, while having a lot of fun doing it.
To learn more about Jenn & be a part of her world head to her Instagram @thejennkennedy


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